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We can't thank you enough for considering to partner with this ministry. your donation goes directly to expenses for the new album, promotion, printing, gas, tolls, hotels, payroll, recording, mixing, mastering, new equipment...the list goes on and on and on. in short, you keep us going. you inspire us to do this more because you believe in us. for that, i am forever grateful.

if you'd like to consider sponsoring us on a monthly basis, please head over to:

At, once you click on BECOME A PATRON, you can access different levels of sponsorship with rewards at each level.  for just $2 you can join the band and get devotionals sent to your inbox each day.  you'll also be helping to sponsor a child.  for every 20 monthly donors that join us, we sponsor a child through World Vision.

otherwise your one time donation here is truly exceptional. thank you. we will do great things together.